Photo of Catalog Graphic Design for Environment Covers

Catalog Graphic Design for Environments Big Books

PROJECT ROLES  Creative Director • Art Director • Photographer • Imaging • Catalog Graphic Design  • Cover Design • Illustrator

Environments carries a wide offering of equipment and materials for early childhood. These include furniture as well as learning materials. The catalog is mailed to child care and early learning programs. The catalog graphic design features a vibrant palette of bold colors, clean layouts with lots of white space. Another hallmark design feature is many pictures of children at play. Children were encouraged to actively play during photo sessions. This allowed us to capture moments that show children actively engaged with the products. Product photography features tight, in-close setups to maximize the size of products in the space. Many poke-out, partial silo, and hero shots are incorporated. This helps create dynamic layouts with strong of visual interest and good eye flow. The cover design features brand distinct, vector-art illustrations on the front cover with model image on the back cover.

Environments full line catalogs from 2014-2016 range from to 276-308 pages. They were printed on a web-offset press, and were perfect bound. At the time I worked on the catalog graphic design for these projects, I was employed as the Creative Director.

Covers and Page 1

Interior Spreads