“Fossil Box” Shipping Carton

PROJECT ROLES  Project Concept • Box Design • Graphic Design • Illustration

For certain orders, Environments used large corrugated shipping cartons to ship its early childhood educational products to customers. The owner wanted to find some way to creatively utilize the box so children could benefit from it. The solution was the “Fossil Box” design. The box was designed to make the entire experience a playful, engaging, and creative one. Messaging on the outside prompts exploration. Children are encouraged to explore the inside of the box as if they had found mixed-up fossils inside a cave. Cut-apart, the box panels become a puzzle for the children to solve by arranging the pieces into a completed dinosaur skeleton. Lastly, the children have to decide which dinosaur they’ve discovered. The “Fossil Box” is an RSC-style corrugated box printed one-color on a flexographic press.