Custom Graphic Design to Tell Your Story

How well does your market know about you? As a business, you have a story to tell. You want people in your market to know about you as well as what’s happening with your business. I partner with you to develop your story. We’ll determine the best ways to communicate your message to your market.

Deliver your Message with Effective Graphic Design

Marketing messages bombard us every day. There’s more media than ever before, as well as more ways to communicate. How will your message be heard? How can you stand out from the crowd? Effective graphic design is a powerful combination of text as well as images. When woven together in a concise and impactive way, you communicate your message with clarity and with impact. If you are going to pay to advertise, shouldn’t you also invest in the design that tells the story? I will help you do more than just show up, I’ll help you make an impression that sticks.

Tell Your Story with Paper, Pixels, Products, Packaging, Presentations

Deliver your message in a variety of media and across multiple channels. Make your graphic design consistent everywhere your message is presented. That can be easier said than done! Especially since design for print is different than design for screen. Products, packaging, as well as presentations all have very specific requirements.

Graphic Design for Beaufort and Beyond

My studio is located in Beaufort, SC, so the majority of my clients are from the Lowcountry. But I also work with many people from further away. I’m used to working on graphic design projects remotely, so don’t be concerned if you’re not close by. Phone and email make it easy to communicate, and I can provide all your final files via a shared drive.

Printer Perfect, Sourced, Spec’d, and Delivered

Design is just one part of the project. Most likely, you will also need help to get your project printed. I have over 2o years experience with print. After many press checks, and lots of time learning the technical aspects of design, I know how to prepare your project for printing. I build your files correctly so they print easily and look their best. We’ll discuss your print budget, and look at paper options, and pick the printer that will be the best fit.