Logo Design Gallery

The Right Logo Design Is Essential for Your Business

Think of your logo as your company’s handshake or smile. It’s usually the first thing people see when they first experience your brand. Your logo is a critical component of your branding materials and should support your business identity and help you achieve your goals. If you need a logo design for your new business, or just need a new look, reach out and let’s go! There is never any charge to talk about what you want and what you need.

A Good Logo Is More than a Snappy Graphic

The best logo for your business is one that is specifically created around the needs of your business. There are lots of important questions a graphic designer should ask you before designing your logo. For example, what kind of impression should your logo give about your business? How will your logo be used? What’s the smallest it will need to be seen? What kinds of logos do your competitors have? The best logo design comes out of a process of collaboration between you and the designer.

I Work with You to Create a Custom Logo Design that Meets Your Needs

Whatever your business, I will listen to your ideas and help you develop a design that works. To start, I’ll schedule an initial complimentary consultation. We’ll talk about your business, your ideas, and your goals, and I’ll put together a project brief. Then I’ll work up several preliminary designs for your review. Next, it usually takes a couple rounds of refinement to settle on just the right design. Finally, I put together a file kit with all the variations of your logo that you will need. All logos are provided as both vector art and raster art, and you own the copyright for all the final designs.

Focused on Beaufort Business, but I Work with Folks from All Over!

Since my studio is located in Beaufort, SC, I design a lot of logos for local clients. But it’s really easy for me to work with you wherever you may be. The phone works fine for the initial design consult, and the design process is easy to go through online. So don’t let distance deter you from getting a great logo!